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One who enjoys drinking milk, angrily.
Don't be such a Kageyama around Hinata.
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by AnimeFreakVya March 18, 2017

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Appears quiet and innocent but don't let her fool you. Likely has a big ass. Very loyal friend. Don't make her angry, because she will cut a bitch. Ashu is sexy and has one nice booty. Overall Ashu is the nicest person you will ever meet, they care about everyone and are so stunning. She is a little annoying and cheeky but she's bold and adventurous mixed in one.
Hey Ashu.

F*ck off, just kidding how's it going.
by AnimeFreakVya December 02, 2018

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What Would Dory Do, as in the fish Dory.

In Finding Dory, Nemo and Marlin ask themselves this question. Since Dory is spontaneous and a risk taker, Nemo and Marlin decide to do exactly that by jumping out of the fish tank they are in and travel by spurts of water to another area of the aquarium.
Marlin: Well than we'll just have to think...
Nemo: W.W.D.D.
Marlin: "what would Dory do"
Nemo: Yeah! What would Dory do?

Marlin: She'd assess her situation.
Nemo: Dad, that's "what would Marlin do."
Marlin: Right, that's what I would do. She wouldn't even think twice. She would just look at the first thing she sees and...
by AnimeFreakVya March 18, 2017

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