1 definition by Ani-Wubbie

a level of such holy fucking greatness that only those who possess the powers of 6-inch high heels and beards alike shall be bestowed with this humble word.

This word is not only a word but the word to end all words. This meaning that we shall now just say "balls-awesome" repeatedly. For the power of this word is so lofty that lightening bolts of knowledge will strike the minds of the people and we well all know the true feelings of others simply by how they say the noble word which is "balls-awesome".
Brandon: Man, that country was so balls-awesome! Even their babies slurred nonstop profanities and somehow... i felt as if i were in the presence of royalty... such class.

Alex: Truly. It blows me away.
by Ani-Wubbie December 15, 2010