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For centuries the term "Ernst" has been used to express feelings of displeasure. It originates from the name of the people who have kept the secrets of time alive since 1187 when Saladin retook Jerusalem and found the meaning of life, love, and pleasure. Now these terms are stored in the personality of one man. This man was Ernst, and every time he reproduces he plants his seed of knowledge in his child, assuring that his knowledge is carried on for eternity. When this seed is planted the child is immediately named Ernst, and this is where it has become a term in modern language, as the simple saying of this word will pierce the eardrum of its hearer until his dying day.

Often the term Ernst is stated with a prefix, often sounding as such: "NYERNST" or shortened and sounding: "ehnst". often the term Ernst is associated with the day Thursday, as they are always born on a Thursday of December. Thursday, when associated with Ernst is often pronounced "Tuhsday" as this is how the Ernsts of the world have pronounced it.
"NYERNST!" "what?" "oh nothing i just got a question wrong."

"Ernst only makes finger paintings on thursdays."
by Angrand April 22, 2009
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