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In World of Warcraft. When a player unknowingly or stupidly draws enemies into a fight.
Did that stupid warlock faggro those extra mobs again?
by Anglocowboy January 07, 2010

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The production of a particularly vile smelling fart by means of farting into a car seat cushion on a hot summer day before leaving the car. The resulting heat build-up in the closed vehicle bakes the fart which festers into a truly gag-inducing odor upon opening the vehicle.
"OMG! Bob started a summer casserole when we went to eat at the Golden Egg roll on that Sunday when it 105 degrees. We were in there two hours and when we got back to the car, I opened the door and almost lost my lunch!"
by Anglocowboy November 07, 2011

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(n) A foul tasting/smelling cigar that is not necessarily a bad brand.
I bought a box of Punch Gran Puros and 3 of the 25 were total chorks.
by Anglocowboy August 28, 2008

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