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If you consider yourself to be a crying little bitch,(like many of the above authors) stay on the west coast you yuppie piece of shit. Pittsburgh does not cater to you, and its residents will chew you up and spit you out. This city was founded by, and is full of, blue collar workers that will just as soon shake your hand as punch you in the face. Most people from other cities are jealous of the Steelers dominance and therefore make claims that the city is below average. However, although the people can be a little rough around the edges, they are no where near as offensive and rude as New Yorkers, or as air headed and stoned as Californians. The city itself is clean and always expanding. Pittsburgh will soon be hosting the MLB allstar game in the new PNC Park stadium. Pittsburgh sits on three beautiful rivers that were the home of last years BASS Masters tournament. The charm of Pittsburgh lies in its history,location, and diversity, not its trendy bars and nightlife. The city employs no gimmicks or outlandish claims to get people to visit, it is what it is, like it or not.
I stopped in Pittsburgh for a few days on business, and while I was there I told locals that their city was shitty. They soon sent their wives to beat my ass because i was such a baby that they felt bad doing it themselves. Afterwards i flew back to my home in Seattle sipping a 6 dollar latte, and got online to spread lies about Pittsburgh.
by Andy Warhol May 19, 2006

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