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Something so truely amazing that it deserves it's story to be told for years to come.
"Dude, last nite, I outdrank these two Irish bikers, nailed hot Swedish twins, kicked 12 marine's asses, invented the wheel and then got stuck in a tree."
"Fuckin' epic, mate!!!"
by Andy Hutchings December 04, 2007

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n. The nerdiest of all high fives, at least until a Star Trek high five is made.
The act of high fiving using 'The Force', wherein the two participants start like a regular high five, but then as the hands get closer, the hands push against an invisible wall (hence the Force part), edging the hands slowly forward as if struggling. Finally, as the hands get close to each other, the two participants fly apart form each other, as though they have both been hit by a Force Push.

Originates from Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi during the final fight on Mustafar in Star Wars: Episode 3.
"Awesome killing spree on Battlefront 2. Force five?"
by Andy Hutchings November 07, 2007

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Somebody who always seems to know where everybody is at all times, even when huge amounts of effort have been taken to ditch them.
Originates from the way in which they travel mostly through the rafters, so as to stay out of everyone's awareness like a ninja
Person 1) Wow... I can't believe it, we managed to ditch Barfield. Now to spend some quality time with the amigos without jokes being undermined etc.
Barfield) *sprints along rafters like a Shinobi, darting from the shadows with unprecedented stealth* Hey guys, what are you all doing in town? You told me you all had the plague... You weren't tryin to ditch me, were you?
Person 2) Jesus, you're such a fuckin' rafters ninja
by Andy Hutchings January 04, 2008

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noun. a powerful and manly high five preceded by a run up and a lunge. Usually connects with a meaty 'clap'. Can be accompanied by a manly audio e.g. "HAROOOOOO!!!" or "This is SPARTAAAAA!!!"

Works especially well if accompanied by 'Just Like You Imagined' by Nine Inch Nails. Leather banana hammocks and toplessness are optional.

The term 'Spartan five' originates from the general manliness of the Zack Snyder film 300 (although the film was quite possibly the most homo-erotic film since Brokeback Mountain...)
A: "This... is... SPARTAAA!!!"
*both guys run at each other and lunge into powerful high five which connects with a meaty clap*
B: "Awesome Spartan five...
Umm... I should probably go get this checked out. I think I may have broken something... In a manly way... HAROOOOO!!!"
by Andy Hutchings November 07, 2007

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1) A person whose chin resembles a dick.
2)A person whose dick resembles a chin.
3)Someone who places dicks on the their chin.
4)Alternative to 'dickhead'.
For fuck sake, you're such a dickchin!
by Andy Hutchings February 01, 2008

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