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A name refrencing the generation of young adults born in the 1980s.
1) You had the Baby Boomers, then Generation-X, Now, The EightyBabies.

2) *shows ID saying he was born in '84* That's right! Certified EightyBaby! *shows wristband that says 'Made in the 80's'
by Andy "The Man" Alexis April 07, 2006
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A fictional possession meaning that you are black in the sense of style, attitude, pride in the black race, etc.

Basically to keep it real when you are black.

But it can be considered revoked if you do otherwise. For example be black, but a Goth or Punk (musical sense)

It's a common joke that then it is revoked, to turn it in at the nearest liquor sto on Martin Luther King blvd, and turn it in. Also you can do so at Roscoes Chicken & Waffles...
Shaniqua went to a Marilyn Manson concert! She even wears all those chains and leather straps and stuff...

Man, her 'black pass' is REVOKED!
by Andy "The Man" Alexis June 20, 2005
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Used in the same context as Butt Fuck Egypt, but when REALLY REALLY FAR. Much further away than places you'd usually refer to as Butt Fuck Egypt.
Person A: Man, you going from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale? That's butt fuck egypt!

Person B: And then I have to go to Orlando...

Person A: Now that's Butt Fuck Uranus!
by Andy "The Man" Alexis March 31, 2006
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a 'Direct Connection' over AIM, used to send pictures and small files.
She AIMsexed with me and shoed me a pic... damn she's hot...
by Andy "The Man" Alexis August 25, 2004
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