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Any sexual act involving three people, in which one person realises a newfound attraction to a gender which did not physically stimulate them before.
Mark: "I'm kinda worried about my girlfriend dude...I think that threesome with Anna we had last night Tina Turned Her"

Josh: "I never realised how good having a cock up your ass could be, that experience with Lisa's boyfriend was a real Tina Turner"

by Androo the Stoodent March 09, 2007
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Cadbury's questionable attempt to enter the chewing gum market within the United Kingdom. The catchphrase "Mastication for the Nation" within its television advertisements has promoted widespread outrage on the use of ethnic stereotypes; in particular, the the dark-skinned man used on the boat. Nevertheless, the product itself remains a high-calibre product that one would enjoy chewing; a variety of flavours are available, for example, such as "Tropical Splash", in addition to your conventional tastes such as spearmint. A fantastic product: the marketing, however, remains yet to prove its success.
"Hey dude"
"Going to Tesco in a second...want anything?"
"Yeah could you pick me up some Trident gum?"
"Cool thanks"
by Androo the Stoodent March 08, 2007
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