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A band from Newark in New Jersey.
Considered an emo band by many,
they are truely brillliant and deserve to be popular.
While it seems they are an emo band,
they are still amazing and shouldn't be considered bad because of it,
as emos are NOT bad people.
"Dude, did you see My Chemical Romance last night?"
"Yeah, they were brilliant!"
by Andrew (Seth) May 18, 2007
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Wears black red, small bits of white and purple.
Some wear make-up. Some are self-harmers. People dodn't really understand them, which causes the real ones to become more isolated and emo.
Listens to music like Billy Talent, Nightwish or Green Day.
Can be found in High Schools, Shopping centres or downtown type areas.
Despite the rumors they aren't Satanists but many are a kind of self religion in where they believe in Jesus, but think that he doesn't like them.
One thing every real one has in common is that they get depressed, while some about the world's corruption and how its dying or family issues.
Gothic Emos are otherwise know as. Black Emos, Loners, Unloved, dramatisers, exageratists or New Emos.
Most names are unfair though.
by Andrew (Seth) May 17, 2007
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