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A Disease that was formed inside the famous Japanese Ronald McDonald. With such disease spreading, he can control the entire universe. YouTube is an example of an already infected website. Ran Ran Ru has entered many bored YouTube users in their quest for happiness. The symptoms for Ran Ran Ru include: red makeup, flailing your arms in the air, speaking Japanese, making absurd gestures into a mirror.

This disease has no vaccine, nor any treatment. This disease is HIGHLY contagious, and spreads like butter. The only way to avoid it is to never use the internet.
If you sample a chicken nugget, you have Ran Ran Ru. If you look at the McDonald's sign, you have slight Ran Ran Ru.
by Andre Lulz June 11, 2009
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The word, "Ukabajillion" is another word for EXTREMELY ALOT. The word originates from TRILLION, but infinite times more. IF you are looking to use a word that means, "A whole shit-load", then Ukabajillion is the word for you.
Guy 1: Do you know what happened to the cavemen?
Guy 2: Dude, that was like Ukabajillion years ago.

Call Of Duty Player: "Dude, i shot that guy in the head ukabajillion times! Why isnt he dead?"
by Andre LULZ June 11, 2009
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