1 definition by Anarchist666

When a person consumes five 16 oz bottles of chocolate milks in a minute without aid or throwing up. If one throws up, then they have to start over.
Mike: "I bet you I could do the Darigold Milk Challenge."
Daryl: "Ok, prove it. I'll count for you."
Mike: "Ok, here goes." *chugs*
Daryl: 1
Mike: *chugs*
Daryl: 2
Mike: *chugs another*
Daryl: 3 in 30 seconds.
Mike: I'm gonna puke, *chugs...*
Daryl: 4, keep going!! 1 more
Mike: *barfs up all the chocolate milk*
Daryl: Bro cmon, not on my counter, that's where we eat. Now you have to start over and clean it up.
by Anarchist666 May 23, 2013