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GUIs (Graphical User Interface) were created as an effort to make computers appealing to non-computer-savy, or "ignorant" masses.

Windows users are inherently GUI users. This of course also implies that they do not know ASM or unix, or they would use something else.

Knowing better, computer-savy people only use text terminals, which they often call consoles. This implies that they use telnet to browse HTTP web sites as opposed to a GUI-cripled browser. When they need to look at pictures of their significant other, they do so using the aalib library to view them as ASCII-art.
Accessing your favorite dictionary the real man's way:

% telnet urbandictionary.com 80
Host: urbandictionary.com\r\n
GET / HTTP/1.1\r\n

Turning into a helpless zombie like the majority of clueless computer users submitting to GUI e-slavery:

C:> win.exe
<wait for the BSOD>
by Ananda Panderoza December 07, 2007

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