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A style of speaking English by native born Chinese people, that is formed by the natural differences in our languages. Certain fundamental differences are difficult to overcome, even if the speaker is highly educated. Simple things can come into play, from the fact that the Chinese word for he and she is the same word, "TA", to the lack of any "V" sound in their entire language.
Interesting side note: the word "usually" seems to be the most difficult word for a Mandarin Chinese speaker to say in English.
English - My husband (he) took me to a restaurant last night.
Chinglish - My husband, last night she take me to restaurant.
English - Hey, we shouldn't buy a sportscar, we should buy a mini-van.
Chinglish - Hi, we should not buy sportscar, we should buy mini-wan.
by An1Zhu2 June 29, 2006
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