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Originally based in Detroit, but quickly moved to the suburbs area of metro Detroit when admissions actually became significant, the school is a secular private institution. There are three campuses and four schools in total. The Upper school is the equivalent of a Highschool and is - in my honest opinion- the only high quality school experience.

The school year at DCDS is shorter than surrounding public schools, and the school offers days off and nights without homework due to several different cultural events.

The school uniform at the Upper School for men consists of a general tie, a white shirt with a DCDS monogram, khaki or grey pants with a DCDS monogram, dress shoes obviously, and an expensive blazer or varsity sweater on top of it all. The top button of the button down shirt is meant to be buttoned at most times, but the faculty is lenient. You must be clean-shaven, or you will get a detention.

No hats, no earrings, no visible tattoos, no piercings, cell phones must be off unless between classes, you must wear a belt, and have your collar buttons done. This is, of course, if you get caught by a dean or draw attention to yourself in class.

Women may wear a khaki, blue, or grey skirt, or (this is new) they may wear pants like the guys. A girl does not need to wear a tie with a blazer or a sweater every day, but she needs a blazer on color days.

The Honors and AP classes are relaxed yet difficult.
The classes offered to ordinary students may have teachers that are either too lenient or too harsh.

Most homework dished out is busywork, and many moral standards are expected of the students. Every three or four weeks their is a CARE event or assembly which the entire school promptly sleeps through.

Although the school is known to "recruit" students, most people come to the school of their own curiosity or ambition. Due to higher numbers of financial aid students and scholarship students, the school is losing money recently despite the ever-rising tuition cost.

Faculty children are ,on average, as capable as any other student at DCD. Many faculty kids start at Country Day in one of the lower of the four schools. Unfortunately though, many faculty children develop unusual traits in response to the harsh environment.

Attending DCDS often creates a feeling of superiority in the student; they like to say that they're a "cut above". Although arrogance is quite common amongst DCDS students, they're completely aware of it and often satirize themselves for this feature.

In short a country day student is generally: qualified, overworked and a lazy snob
DCDS Student 1:"Did you hear that a freshman got a perfect score on the MMPC?"
DCDS Student 2:"Hmm? No, I was too busy last night watching us win the Men's Soccer State finals, while at the same time practicing my viola for Solo & Enemble for Orchestra Festival."
DCDS Student 1:"Yeah, so you didn't finish your homework did you?"
DCDS Student 2:"Haha, I still have the rest of assembly to do that!"

Athlete 1: "Did you hear that our next game is against Detroit Country Day?"
Athlete 2: "Aaah... Fuck."

A Detroit Country Day student starts school after labor day and a DCDS senior does not attend actual school for the last quarter of the year.
by An experienced Student August 05, 2007
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