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Lax Bros are guys fully into lax. They love lax, chillin', and parting. They are the most chill people ever, ,they are not assholes to anyone (especially to girls) and do not think they are the shit. There are 3 levels of Lax Broness

-Ultimate Lax Bro lives for lax, wears only lax pennies: lax shorts or board shorts: flip flops: ray bans,avatiors, or oakleys: wears trucker hats or college lax hats

-Lax Bro loves the sport :and plays lax, wears lax pennies or lax t-shirts: wears lax shorts or cargo shorts: wears flip flops or shoes not tied with black socks: wears ray-bans oakleys or avatiors:wears college lax hats (mainly backwards)
-Bro plays lax: wears tee shirts:wears team lax shorts or regular shorts: wears shoes untied wit any socks: wears oakleys or sport sun glasses: wears college lax hats

most Lax Bros have their own language some of those words includes spoon, twin, magic wand, wicked, sweet, bro, dude, awesome, son, sesh, no-way, turf monster, shorty, wall ball, flow, sick, nasty
Lax Bros use the saying "getter done" the most

Also Lax Bros like neon and bright colors cuase their just sweet colors
Lax Bro 1-whats up bro
Lax Bro 2-chillin', string my head you
Lax Bro 1-chillin' just played wall ball
Lax Bro 2-sweet, dude i just got a new pair of oakleys
Lax Bro 1-bro thats sick, what color are they
Lax Bro 2- neon green and pink
by An ULTIMATE LAX BRO April 22, 2010
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