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A person, usually of the female gender, that read the popular novel, Twilight, Post-Twilight the movie.

Their reasoning is based on two main facts:
1) Following the bandwagon.. Most teens had decided to read Twilight back in 2008 because of this giant Twilght-Epidemic.. Their peers had read them, so they decided they wanted to "fit in"
2) Their thirst for popularity. Teens today have this need to have gained trends, before they officaly started.. So those who had the knowlage of The Twilight Movie, had attempted to cosume the series in order to be able to state "I was reading the books before the movie came out" When in reality, they only read the books.. Because of the movie.

I must imagine, you, or you have encountered a Twilight Noob.. Wether they were prancing around the movie theater, purchasing Twilight with it's now "Now a major motion picture!" sticker at your local bookstore, or hear shreicking Edward Cullen fan girls jumping throughout the hallway comparing what page their on of the novel.

The Black Plauge.

Fan-Girl 1: O.M.G I tottaly loveee Edward Cullen, he is h-o-t-t.
Fan-Girl 2: O-M-G I knoww! But he's mine, so back off.
Me: STFU, HES NOT REAL... damn Twilight Noob.

by An Angry Twilight Elder January 07, 2009

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