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The condition of being neither male nor female, but something in between. Often refers to an infant with "ambiguous" genitalia. Intersexed conditions include Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, Klinefelter's Syndrome, vaginal agenesis, ovotestes, and anyone who is not XX or XY. Estimated to be between 1% and 0.01% of the population.
Many FtMs claim to have been born intersexed, but usually it's bullshit: they're just traumatized by the idea that they were born female.
by Amy Too April 20, 2004
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An FtM who (a)identifies as male, (b)has transitioned far enough so that he appears to be an ordinary (genetic) man, and (c)does not identify as nongendered, mixed gendered, or female.
When I try to describe my transman boyfriend to my family, I usually say that he was born female but now he looks, acts, and smells like any other man. But really, what works best is for them just to meet him.
by Amy Too April 20, 2004
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An umbrella term that includes transexuals, transvestites, intersexed people, and just about anybody else who doesn't conform to the traditional model of sex/gender. "Transgender" is the most general, inclusive term.
It used to be called the gay community. Now we say the GLBT (gay, lesbian, bi, and transgendered) community.
by Amy Too April 20, 2004
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