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(Noun / Adjective) Music sub-genre of Jungle-Drum'n'Bass

Chungle Choons / Chungle Music

Jungle riddims / beats / tunes of a Chilled / relaxed / down-tempo / ambient / moody nature.

CHILLED = relaxed, down-beat, relaxing


JUNGLE = an electronic music sub-genre of Drum'n'Bass, encompassing a number of different styles including; Ragga-Jungle some breakbeat etc.

Together make CHUNGLE !
Elf Boy:
"maehn, keep tumpin na beasty CHUNGLE riddims on yer webcast bruv!"
"(mate), keep (loudly playing) the (exceedingly pleasing / moving), (down-tempo, Ambient Jungle Drum and Bass) (recordings) on your (web-hosted audio stream / download) (my dear friend)"

"Awight maeht, if ya want CHUNGLE RIDDIMS, I'll keep RINSIN 'em!"
"(Okay) (mate), if you want (Chilled Jungle) (Tracks), I'll (play them until they're old-skool )!"
by AmpliFIRE March 07, 2006
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