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Vyvanse is an amphetamine pill that seems to take the game to a whole 'nother level. Unlike other amphetamine pills like adderall that have distinct ups and downs, and relatively quick effects, Vyvanse is like a big slow moving amphetamine truck that hits you all day long. It constantly hits you with the maximum dose that an equivalant dose of adderall would only reach occassionally, due to the complex structure of the amphetamine in this pill, which your body can only process so fast.
In some ways, the effects of this pill for those who have trouble with amphetamines are worse. The consistency has a tendency to make you feel a little out of touch, it can become hard to recognize after a few hours that what you're feeling is not normal. However, it definetly still has an advantage over adderall when it's perscribed, since it cannot be snorted, making over the top abuse a little more restricted.
Personally, I would rather have a bottle of 30 70mg vyvanse than a bottle of 30 30mg adderall. However, they truly are best used only once daily, with occassional break periods such as the weekend to regain your composure. Amphetamine abuse is very risky and damaging, whether a user wishes to admit it or not, and you should only take Vyvanse as prescribed by your doctor.
"I took ten vyvanse last night, and today i actually felt like bob dylan."

chick- "what the hell is wrong with that creep? he must be on fucking meth or some shit."
other chick "nah, he probably just took a bunch of adderall or vyvanse like a pussy"
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