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Where one visits the wondrous sites of the world.......taken over by other cultures to now sell as paradise.
How much time did you spend in Hawaii on you blood holiday?
by Amadscientist May 13, 2015

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"Pointless thread" is the name of a discussion thread on a number of political message boards begun by a single person known only as "Chanty".

The first one began on the "Real Time with Bill Maher" community message boards but has also been added to several others.

The thread is meant as a way for users to talk about anything without fear of deletion for going off topic. Generally speaking, a post on this thread should not have a point, but be a random thought passed to others on the thread.
The "Pointless Thread" is the most popular thread on the Real Time Boards.
by Amadscientist April 19, 2009

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To shoot saliva in a stream from ones mouth while holding the tongue to the roof of the mouth.

This is either done on purpose or by accident.
Cindy would always gleep at us when she got mad.
by Amadscientist April 21, 2009

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