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Egyptian eunuch who attempts to rape intruders of ancient temples; often in vain.
The Masoud is coming, go get a brick!
by Amadeus Rock Me Hard April 26, 2007
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A school that is made up of: rich bitches, super Mormons, clueless teachers, a heterosexually challenged student body, politically active retards, and jocks with no talent. Very dumb student population overall.
OHS Student: I'm a member of WAMO at Olympus High!

EHS Student: So, we have a redneck Indian teacher, what do you have?

OHS Student: Elton John, Liberace, Paris Hilton, and Karl Rove

EHS Student: Do you go to Brokeback Olympus?

OHS Student: Maybe...
by Amadeus rock me hard August 14, 2006
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