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A suburb of Chicago. Train conveniently goes from Geneva to Chicago. The stereotype is that Geneva is all rich white kids. The white part might be true, but there is a growing Asian and Indian population. The rich part is only partially true. There is definitely a mix of haves and have-nots, and a ton of middle class families. There is a really nice old-fashioned downtown shopping area in Geneva, and it was featured on the Ellen Show for being a good town, especially during the Christmas Walk, which is out of a movie.
Kids make drama, but there's a ton of kids who stay out of it and mind there own business. The high school is cliquey, but again, you can avoid it if you want. The high school freshman are, however, getting worse and sluttier and dumber each year!
"That dude was caught with alcohol, but he's a football player so he's off the hook"

"A black person? In Geneva?! You're kidding!"

"No, it's not Lake Geneva, and it's not in NY. It's in Illinois!"
by Aly324923 February 11, 2009

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