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1) The past tense of having been rejected, often publicly, severely, and in a confidence-destroying way.

2) The past tense of firing upon an aircraft for the purpose of destroying it.
1) I went to ask Danielle out, but I got shot down. Now, all of her friends laugh at me and I can't show my face anymore.

2) A fighter jet was shot down over Libya by a missile and was completely destroyed.
by AlwaysHiding January 17, 2012

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An interjection rapidly uttered by unprepared students, often the day of or prior to a large test or assignment.
Teacher: Are we all prepared for today's test?

Student: No.

Teacher: And why not?

Student: Didnt-study-gonna-fail.
by AlwaysHiding April 11, 2010

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Shorthand for "happy birthday."
Facebook friend 1: "Hey man, happy birthday!"
Facebook friend 2: "Happy birthday dude!"
Facebook friend you never talk to: "hpbd"
by AlwaysHiding May 25, 2016

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