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When one becomes extremely angry and starts to assault the people working in various fast food establishments over a botched order. Vandalizing the establishment, yelling, throwing random objects around, and flapping ones arms wildly and in a threatening matter are some of the symptoms associated with burger rage. Burger rage has also been observed in fast food restaurants such as KFC, and various Mexican taco shops around the world even though they may not sell burgers.

The effect may be associated with the withdrawal one experiences from the various forms of preservatives and other chemicals contained within the food that replace neurotransmitters in the brain, which control mood and reasoning.
Fat fuck: I said I wanted a bacon cheese burger with extra clogger sauce!!!! This is low fat sauce!!!!!

Clerk: I'm sorry maam, but we ran out of clogger sauce.

Fat fuck: You ran out!! You ran out!! ARGhhhhhhh!!!!!! Motherfucker bitch you better give me some of the good stuff!!!!

Witness 1: Man that fat fuck has some serious burger rage!

Witness 2: Probably feinding her fix for the day. It will be on BoobTube by the end of the day.
by Alvarex March 09, 2011
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A "recreational" stoner who was able to acquire a medical marijuana recommendation by using the excuse of having some BS medical condition. The medical marijuana industry is made up of approximately 99% of these recreational users. They have also become the main connect for those who cannot acquire a medical marijuana recommendation.
Me: Yo, Javi. Bust out the bowlios.

Javi: If you are down to buy, I'm down to fly!

Me: For sure. Who's got bud?

Javi: I got the medical card now for a year cause I said the pain on my knee was too much, so I'm a medical patient now!

Me: Fuck it, let's go to the Fire Station.

Javi: I'll hit up Willy.

Me: Nah, too many lungs.....
by Alvarex March 09, 2011
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