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A kid who's in touch with his emotions, regardless it is rage or love, that's why a lot of people mistake it with being gay, but altough there ARE some gay emo kids, they are a minority. Let me get something straight, "staight edges" are not hateful poser pricks as some people have posted, I dunn consider as one myself, but I DO think ppl who do drugs often do some horrible shit, such as raping and murdering, and I think we should give some credit to those who encourage other people to lead a healthier life.
Emo people, however, don't give a shit what society thinks, they speak their minds but usually not in harsh or rude ways, that of course unless they are really fucking pissed at the person they're talking to.
A person who likes metal does not have to stop bathing or wear the messy and long hair, so why should an emo kid be gay or wear tight pants?
by Alumno x de la petroleos July 30, 2006
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