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Buick, also know as B.U.I.C.K. (Big Ugly Import Car Killer) is a fine luxury automobile that has a reputation for crushing or mutilating any vehicle that comes in its path, due to its heavy constuction of thick sheet metal and heavy metal parts.

Often driven by old people who can't see over the steering wheel.
(1) While washing my buick this morning itook extra time to clean out the bugs and small import vehicles that that get stuck in my grill.

(2) Wow! your honda is trashed, what did you hit, a Buick?

(3) I keep a Smart Car in the trunk of my Buick, It's good as a spare in-case we ever brake down.

(4) I'm so hungover it feels like i got hit by a Buick
by All,Asians,Have,Tiny,weeners March 04, 2010

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