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Okay, little kids. Atheists are NOT bigots, racists or Satanists.
Atheists don't believe in God, or Satan.
True Atheists are not assholes who run around saying DEFEND ATHEISM. It's not a religion. I'm Atheist and I don't go around doing it.
Infact I'm completely embarressed about arrogant people running amiss saying stuff like that.
Anyways, Atheists are normal people, who just don't believe in god, or satan.
They aren't demon-possessed.

And with the whole suing people for saying god in class, that is a little rediculous.

But if you're Christian, would you want someone going 'THERE IS NO GOD' in the middle of your class? I think not.

They're normal people who are tolerant of any religion unless it's being shoved down their throat.

I mean I don't think any religion tolerates that.

So please, stop saying we are satanists, demon-possessed, stupid, bigots, and racists.

Do you want me calling you stupid for believing in a supreme being? I think not, and I don't think you're stupid for that, anyways.

But please stop.

We're just people who don't believe in God, OR Satan.
We are not Satanists. We are Atheists.
by AlixAutopsy December 18, 2008

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