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An amazingly scary robotic-type toy for children. It reacts to certain sounds such as "Hello Furby," "Wake up, Furby," and "Good job!" It sings barely-audible songs, does strange little dances that look more like spasms, and screeched when you tickle it. They are made in a viriety of colors, but they all have the same over-sized black eyes and yellow beak.
Jack: Hey! Wanna play with my new Furby?

by Alice Emge December 4, 2005
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1. Expression meaning "Oh my god." Most frequently used on instant messangers, such as AIM or MSN, and used by idiotic, airheaded girls who cannot spell or don't take the initiative to do so. People who use this slang term are looked down upon in many cultures and regions.
cHeErH0tTaY4178: so0o den i waz all 'gurl get off mah back!' ya know?
sExAyBaBiE2412: eh mah gawd! rite! u r sooo kool! didya take sum picz??!!
by Alice Emge November 23, 2005
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