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(n.) someone that doesnt stop smiling. even if they were getting railed up the ass by a big black dick. although they would probly like it newayz. also enjoys hangin around the jewish crowd on the weekends. usually makes up the excuse "walking the dog" as code for really meaning "entering my penis in my dogs rectum".
"that kanokin over there sure has a big smile and even bigger boner watching that bull-mastiff walk by."
by Ali Baba March 17, 2005
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(n)Of or pertaining to the essence of "babu."

The babu is a mystic force that has embodied itself in the one known as "Ali Sana." He is its messiah. He is THE BABA.

It is a term that can be used only by him, and as such, it's definition is variable but always stays true to the aforementioned essence.

One may attempt to be deemd a babu or be allowed into the sacred circle of babu-ism by being a disciple of The Baba.
Derogatory - "don't be a fucking babu"

Ethnic - "That uncle is such a babu"

Comraderie - "Yo . . . you ma babu"

etc. etc.
by Ali Baba June 15, 2004
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How much this beautiful girl May has finished of her paper.
"Hey, May! How's it going?" "2/10"
by Ali Baba March 07, 2005
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