11 definition by Ali Lansing

Letting the strings in an attachment loose. Cutting the tread that held him/her/it together. to be completely done with. tired of, and no longer needed. usually someone annoying. Usually said with arrogance.

Often said when:
ending a friendship
you want someone to fuck off
your tired of someone
your pissed off
dumping someone
ali: ya so i heard you cheated on me.
chris: wtf are you talking about
ali: just stfu ur cut.
by Ali Lansing July 15, 2006

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rather large
lengthy or big
often bigger than massive and enourmous,
a combination of the two words expressing a great amount, volume, or area of something.

often used in shock.
ali: dood paz, he was effing emassive, i was in shock
paz: he was that emassive?
ali: when he pulled out i started!
by Ali Lansing July 22, 2006

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A goofy short bit of hair that comes down to your eyebrows, or near above. In America they are typically called "bangs". Some people can pull of a fringe (ie. me) while others look simply ridiculos.
your fringe is cute, cut to the side like that.
by Ali Lansing July 15, 2006

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short for ridiculous
Your games are ridic, quit it.
by Ali Lansing August 13, 2007

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