2 definitions by Alexander Phrite

1. over half the people who make deffinitions for words at this site
2.a pile of sticks
3. word used by utter pricks to describe some one who is either gay or some one who has a heart and cares about others
1."the person who made this deffinition about my chemical romance is a faggot"

2."wow thats a big pile of sticks"
"yea thats a big faggot"

3."hey look at that kid helping that girl who dropped her stuff."
"yea that kids a faggot"
by Alexander Phrite February 15, 2008
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A homunculus is 1st and for most forbidden so do not try it. Most people who try to resurrect any a human and/or create a homunculus lose parts of themselves in order to feed/make/give to said homunculus. They are made by putting certain elements together using alchemy. The maker of one is taken into waking unconsciousness where they learn all their is to learn about everything. When the awake from this state they remember everything that happened but they come back missing some part of them selfs arm/leg/intestine etc. The human they were trying to resurrect looks deformed beyond human knowledge and stays in that form for an unknown amount of time until they take the form of a human but alway have a heightened ability or a ability that is not human in anyway
Homunculus are alchemy's biggest taboo and is forbidden by all alchemist
by Alexander Phrite August 21, 2008
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