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A douchebag that thinks he is the best thing to happen since the XBOX 360. He rips of the Angry Video Game Nerd countless times, and thinks saying the exact same thing as the AVGN is hilarious.
See Also: Douchebag
Fag: Have you seen the new Irate Gamer vid?
Smart Person: No, he's a douche.
Fag: IM GAY!!!
by Alex Briggs August 08, 2008
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someone who plays xbox 360 games just for ahievements.
He's playing Meet the Robinsons again? What an Achievement Whore
by Alex Briggs January 10, 2008
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A horrible group of lying Indian misfits. They feast off of your misery, and like to ban you for no reason whatsoever. They also speak in broken English, so next time you call them, ask for a person who speaks English as a native language.
Man 1: I can't sign in to xbox live!!
Man 2: Maybe you should call Xbox Customer Support!
Man 1: No way, I can't take that bullshit any more.
by Alex Briggs August 06, 2008
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