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1. As an abreviation of Agenda, can be used simply to ask whats going on, or what the plan is.

2. As an abreviation of Genuine, can be used to confirm the reliability of a statement, or in reply when asked if something is true. For serious matters, it can be accompanied by the speaker's right fist applied upside down to the speaker's right temple, to avoid any doubt.
1. Whats the gen? Whats the gen for friday night?

2. I just heard that tom had sex with his mum, gen.

Did tom really have sex with his mum? Yeah, gen!
by Alex Armstrong May 11, 2005
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1. Until recently, the last mass market British car manufacturer.

2. British military abreviation for the Truck Utility Light (TUL), a militiarised version of the civilian Land Rover Defender and its predecessors.
1. Its a shame that Rover have gone out of business, even though they haven't made a decent car for years.

2. The ration packs are in the back of the 'rover.
by Alex Armstrong May 11, 2005
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Typical Bracknell Slag, a word commonally used for girls from bracknell. Or used out of bracknell for girls that should blatently live there.
Charlotte Searle, is a TBS.
by Alex Armstrong September 19, 2003
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