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Also known as Cunt University. Or the University of Cunts at Ballsack.

If you want to go to a place were the hot girls all drop out after freshman year, the nerdy girls are prude, the Yippies (yuppy hippies) are as far as the eye can see and the weed smells and tastes like the yippies ass crack then it is the perfect school for you.

So many party's that none of them are quality, unless a stoner guy smoking ganja out of his parents basement is cool to you.

Mascot is pathetic, buffalo's suck so bad they were killed and domesticated by barbaric Neanderthals with obsidian knives and arrows. Their skin was used to cover the floor's of TP's. Were any respectable Indian Chieftain spent his whole childhood hunting a ram so that he could come home victorious and a man, he proudly wore the rams fur as a symbol of his power for the rest of his life.

CSU's football team lost there game against CU but still ended up going to and Winning a bowl game and drafting two players into the NFL in 2009.

Cu's football team beat CSU but came in last in the Big 12, missed out on the bowl season, and drafted NO players to the NFL. But their football team did rape 3 freshman girls last year.
Friend: Im going to CU this year.
Me: Did you know the cu is a Vietnamese word meaning penis, and a portugese word meaning asshole?
Friend: No how did you know that?
Me: I go to a school were education matters, not money like the university of colorado.
Friend: Man, i want to go to CSU now, the girls are hotter anyway, and the men are....men.
by AlessandroF August 26, 2009
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