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so listen, its basically a grime who likes to grime out all her friends and likes index fingers in her butt while she grimes her loser blink 182 wanna be hebrew boyfriend. pirate hookers typically have big ass mouths that are used primarily for the perfection of the art of fellatio, this is a high priority of the "daph". They also have massive booties, like pirates, but are also endowed with massive titties, not like pirates. In essence, they are grimes, with the addition of the hitherto information, as well as reminding you strangely of your mother, minus the love of fellatio.
That girl leslie, she is just a dirty ass pirate hooker, my finger was stuck in her butt for three hours and she wouldn't stop giving me dome, i'm so waterlogged i needed to blowdry my prick.
by Albert Henneman January 11, 2008

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