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Neopet is a site thatis supposedly based around owning virtual pets, but is in fact more about making money, or Neopoints. Much like anything targeted at children, the site has sparked a certain amount of controversy, some of it unfar and occaisionally idiotic (see example 1) However, TNT (or The Neopets Team, the moderators and owners of the site) are widely acknowledged, even throughout fans of neopets, as being a little trigger-happy when it comes to freezing accounts. Other users can also be like this(see example 2) Finally, Neopets has also come under criticism for exposing users (of whom there are far less than they claim) to immersive advertising and gambling games. Some of these reports have been unfair, however, thanks to some stupid australian kid. (see example 3)
1. 'the boards are full of n00bs who cant type propr english'
2, Someone posting: I like cheese.
TNT: Ah, I can't be bothered to decide who's right,
lets just ice everyone who's been on this board.

(this did not actually happen)

3, Australian kid infront of reporters: If I don't gamble to make money, my pets will starve and be put up for adoption!

(This is completely wrong. You never have to gamble, as there is free food available if you have no money, and money is easy to make, plus food is cheap. And no matter how hungry Neopets get, they are never taken away, unless an account is frozen)
by Alastair Potts April 05, 2008

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