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Cascada is a Club/Trance project from Germany. The group consists of Natalie Horler and Yanou and DJ Manian (although Natalie does work with other producers/dj's). Their biggest chart hit to date was "Everytime we touch" (which soonafter had many remixes), which was a huge hit in both the underground trance scene and the commercial scene.

The name Cascada came about due to copyright issues. The project were origionally named "Cascade", however soon after legal action was threatened by a band of the same name, they changed the name to "Cascada". Contrary to popular belief, Cascada is a project, not Natalie Horler herself.

Natalie Horler (the vocalist/producer/visual representative of Cascada) was born in Bonn, Germany to English parents and considers herself more English than German.

Cascada can go under the genres of Trance, Commercial Trance, Club, Pop, Eurotrance, Dance, and Techno. Although lacking in origionality, Cascada continue to make a big impression on the American charts with their Eurobeat style.
"Everytime We Touch", "Miracle" and "ready For Love" are a few songs by Cascada
by AlanD July 28, 2006
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