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the food and drink favored by the Beaver Boys, two party/club boys who have been known to ditch their superhot dates in order to consume these delicacies. the ratio of shrimp-to-white-wine must be perfectly balanced or else one or both Beaver Boy(s) goes into septic shock.
After an active night in the clubs doing the Richardson Richardson and the Shrimp Walk, the Beaver Boys love to eat lots of shrimp and white wine which they often puke out all over themselves.
by Akshen February 16, 2009
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A place that New Jerseyans are very fond of making fun of, even though the stereotypes and behavior of people from this locale and North Jersey are almost indistinguishable.

See also Staten Island (which at least gave the world the Wu-Tang Clan thereby somewhat justifying the continuing existence of the place).
guy from North Jersey: look at that douchebag! he's got to be from Lawn Guyland!
guy from South Jersey: dude, he isn't acting any differently than you and your friends! does that mean that you're also a douchebag?!?
guy from North Jersey: shut the fuck up, man!
by Akshen September 8, 2009
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A position for attorneys that is not as good as being a BigLaw Associate or a federal court clerk, but is infinitely better and more interesting than working in insurance defense. Pays better, too.
BigLaw is Heaven.
Document review is Purgatory.
Insurance defense is the 7th Circle of Hell.
by Akshen July 8, 2006
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The feeling of dread and anxiety that afflicts gangstas and gangsta-wannabes over their questionable life choices. A pretty common sentiment in hardcore rap music, when you really think about it.
The birth of the "gangst" in "gangsta" has to be the Geto Boys' classic "Mind Playin' Tricks on Me." 2Pac, Biggie, Scarface (of the Geto Boys), and even Jay-Z raised these sentiments to an art form.
by Akshen September 27, 2009
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