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A soulmate is one of two souls in an eternal marriage, created and paired by God. If a person has not met their soulmate, they will yearn for their one true love. If a person is lucky enough to meet their soulmate, their belief in that ever elusive 'one true love' is restored or confirmed.
It is difficult, if not impossible to give an example of a soulmate and maybe it's more practical to describe some characteristics of soulmates. Soulmates love, respect and honour each other equally. Soulmates literally do not need anyone else for their emotional, mental or physical needs. Their bond is paralleled only by other soulmate couples and their physical attraction is electric, always transcending differences such as age and race. If you win life's lottery and fall in love with your soulmate, love will become very clear to you, no more questions or confusion. You will feel blessed and thank God for every moment you spend with your soulmate. I know this part will earn me some thumbs down but thank-you Sasha for being my soulmate, teaching me what true love is and inspiring me to be the best person I can be for you.
by Ahsas January 21, 2009

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