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a little princess who can be charming and adorable. A young blonde and hard to catch. She is like a legendary Pokemon. Her personality can be crazy And weird and unique but all in good terms. Kenzie can put a smile on anyone's face when they are feeling down. Kenzie has a soothing voice with a great positive tone that make your heart melt every time you talk to her. She is very rare and shows great positive attitude towards others. She helps others when in need and her beautiful smile keeps the guys coming. She can be very gullible and trustworthy. She can be from time to time be insanely sexy or insanely cute and adorable. She makes your mood change depending on how he feels. She's very romantic from time to time and on general days she can be funny, charming and make you giggle. She is very athletic and very out going. Her perfect movie supermodel style blonde hair and blue eyes and natural beauty smile makes people wanna go bizerk for her. 2) Kenzie : noun. Another way to describe how much you love a person. Another word to describe how much you love is for a girl.
Dayum that Kenzie has been going through my mind forever now.

2) I Kenzie you so much right now it's redonkulous
by Ahnsta June 15, 2011
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