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N. (Syn)- Hoe, Whore, Wana-be lover, MaDussa, Succubus

An- at - first- attractive looking, nice sweet playing innocent girl, but once you get involved with her you will slowly realize she is nothing but a trick hoe bitch that will play with your heart and mind untill you are left a jelly filled skull and a black dark heart. She loves to hate espcially on thoes who love her. She is a chronic liar and lies even when she doesn't know she is lying.

Her nature is to feel loved and once she is, she rejects you because shes had her fix or boost to continue to corrupt another soul. She truly seeks revenge even if she doesn't know it. DO NOT Look her directly in the eyes or you will turn into stone. She will haunt you in your sleep and steal your spirit.
EMILY= Human Plague on humanity

John: "Hey mike what's wrong?'
Mike: " Emily is a bitch, and im crazy for ever liking her"
John: "Dude wtf did i tell you, shes no good, Get rid of her"
Mike: "Will you help me?"
John: "Yeah Way ahead of you." ( SHICK-SHACK!)
by Ahhplague February 24, 2010
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