3 definitions by Aguas

A rubbish follower of a team that won’t ever bet his friends when it comes to his or her team.
Rick won’t bet anything on his Seminoles because he fears his team sucks and can’t win. He is now a fair weather fan because he stopped believing in his team.
by Aguas August 12, 2019
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Someone who has sex and relationships with transvestites, heterosexuals, and homosexuals without discrimination. The ultimate pansexual.

A generous lover of all LGBTQ and an advocate for their rights.

The root word for DEMOcrat.
That Demo hooked up with that Sheila, but I think it was a bloke. How 2019 of him!
by Aguas August 15, 2019
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Mother Theresa of Calcuta was a geronto..
by Aguas September 10, 2006
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