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The absolutely worse computer company in the world. They lie straight to your face and they know it. Their warrenty is bullshit and they have no knowledge of computers whatsoever. Everytime I call tech support I ask them the same questions and they give me different answers everytime. You can never get a hold of the supervisor. The company is made for idiots who buy computers and they know it. Once they get on the phone with a guy who has a dose of knowledge they basically fuck you too you and do not help you. The final answer from them for all my 3 hour+ phone calls is "we will get back to you in 24 hours" which basically translates to "fuck you."

I do not even care about the price because it is not bad at all. Its the fact that they have 12 year old "technicians" who sell this bullshit. They lie to you. No matter what you will be on hold for an 2 hours. They are fucking morons.
Do not buy from Alienware ever, even though the price is decent for the specs, the absolute bullshit you go through with them is simply not worth it. It even took me twice as long to recieve my PC than it said on the website. I hate this company with a passion.

If you want expensive 1337 computers go to www.ibuypower.com

Simply put do not buy from Alienware. Save yourself from high blood pressure and turning into a raging ape and buy from anyone else, except for gateway because they suck too.
by Agent Neo Smith January 03, 2006

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