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2) To walk, or strut in a way that conveys confidence, or in some cases arrogance.

1) Swagger is a normal type attack in the Pokemon game series (and anime, albeit less prevalent) introduced in the second generation games (Gold/Silver/Crystal.) The attack itself however does no damage, however it increases the enemy's attack power by two points, and confuses them. If the opponent attacks itself while confused the increased attack factors in to the damage it receives. However if the target has the "own tempo" ability they are immune to the confusion side-effect of Swagger, making it detrimental to the user of the attack.


One who walks, or presents themselves with a clear sense of self confidence, and conforms to a a certain style - often times earning themselves the respect of certain people.
Verb 1)
Person: Whoa, did you see that guy's swagger?
Person 2: Yeah, dude was the definition of swag.
Person 3: Uh, can someone explain this "swag" thing to me?

Verb 2)
Slowking used Swagger on Machamp.
Machamp is now confused!
Machamp's Attack increased!
Machamp Hurt itself in its confusion!

He was a very swagger man; at first glance you could tell that he demanded a great deal of respect, and had the self confidence to back it.
by Adsin Tehtoimet August 22, 2011