2 definitions by Adam Coppinger

1) n. Hellified Gangsta originates from the song "Nuttin but a G-Thang" performed by Mr. Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. The term refers to an exorbitant amount of Gangsta-ness. Warning! use sparingly, there are unhealthy ramifications assigned to Hellified Gangstas.

2) adj. Hellified Gangsta refers to an action that has a preposterous amount of Gangsta-ness to it.
1) Look at that guy chroniced out in the MohammedVan.....he must be Hellified Gangsta.

2) Look at those two fine young men in the minivan.....WOAH, was that a Hellified Gangsta lean??
by Adam Coppinger November 19, 2003
When a person tries to pimp someone of the female persuasion. Many times it involves one male macking many other females.
by Adam Coppinger November 19, 2003