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1. To scold someone harshly to leave them at a point of weakness or confusion, often by lowering morale or physically leaving someone in a form of actual enfeeblement.

2. To ruin the plans of, often done on purpose, or even by ability.

3. To fuck your shit up with no regret.
He utterly discombumberated my plans, also doing so to my friends. The fight was called off and my brother committed suicide from how bad it was.
by AbsoluteZero January 20, 2013
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A condition that is developed from excessive consumption of cheese. Tongue turns an orange-ish color and cheese oozes from all orfices of the body.
Kevin ate so much cheese that he couldnt shit for a week. He went to the hospital and was diagnosed with cheesybetes when easy cheese started oozing from his nipples.
by AbsoluteZeRo March 24, 2006
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