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to be mauled, chopped up, hacked,sliced-n-diced, chainsawed, knifed, wood-chipped, ran-over-by an Ice cream truck, randomly destroyed, pushed down the steps, speared, hammered, serial crushed, crow-barred, pipe-wrenched, burnt to a crisp via Flamethrower, pick-axed, cinder-blocked, lawn-mowed, and any other way of meeting or nearly meeting your demise in a horror or B-rated horror films. Dedicated to all of the John and Jane Doe's that brutally died in horror/cheesy-B/thrillers/chillers.
Holy shit!" yelled Shamte and Watercloud, "that dude just got jimiked!!
by Abnormelli March 24, 2011

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Dedicated to Grimm and bacon.. grimmacon is a universal word and can be used for anything!
How are you feeling? Grimmacon, thank you!

I grimmacon HATE it when that happens!
by Abnormelli February 22, 2011

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