2 definitions by Abebil

Means someone saying "hi" but always trying to give it the extra oomphThe "^^" signifies a happy person,normally used by chix in chatrooms or online games...
"A" meets "B" conversation follows
A:yo! my boo... wat's going down?
B:hihi!^^ i'm doing fine. u?
by Abebil April 05, 2005
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pubic hair,used in "barry trotter & the unnecessary sequel" by micheal gerber... where 2 female hogwash student chat about shaving the forbidden forest
Hogwash female 1:hav u shaved ur forbidden forest?
Hogwash female 2:My wat?
Hogwash female 1 pointed to Hogwash female 2's lap.
Hogwash female 2:Ooo... no... y?
by Abebil April 20, 2005
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