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Hipsters, they suck the life out of a neighborhood and move once there too many of them there. Because they hate each other just like everyone else hates them.

In some ways, it's low self esteem personalized into a culture. They think they belong in another culture because they hate the culture that's around them, including themselves.

So they feel the need to move constantly. Because insecure people are never happy so they keep moving because they blame everyone else around them for the way their life has turned out. And in the process other people pay for their insecurities.
Hipster 1: I really hate this neighborhood, it's full of hipsters. Everywhere I go, I spot people wearing band shirts like mine, they're such wannabes. I'm sure none of them heard of the Snot Rocketeers.

Hipster 2: (bong rip) I heard of this place in Pennsylvania named Brooklyn. Since we live in Brooklyn now, wouldn't it be ironic if we move out of Brooklyn to live in Brooklyn?
by AUED June 06, 2013

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