2 definitions by AUBreezyy<3

A less than sturdy fun bag of a woman who is notorious for being promiscuous and thick in all the wrong places.
Bro 1: “she brought a friend”
Bro 2: “the baddie or the thicky thot?"
by AUBreezyy<3 March 10, 2023
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the chick in the group of girls that you and friends link up with hopes of Netflix and Chill that no one wants to get stuck with . The 'take one for the team' hoe. The thicky thot. The ratchet grumpy chick that smells how she looks.Not the innocent type. tries to fight everyone when she's drunk, loses. the 'felicias'
'Damn bro don't leave me with grumble.'

'That grumble ass bi*ch tried to fuck my cousin AND my brother'

'thats why you look like a grumble '

'f*ck that hoe she nothing but a grumble'

'you ole grumble lookin ass mfka'
by AUBreezyy<3 March 10, 2023
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